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The chart of reception of citizens

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Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

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Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

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Execution of inquiries, including foreign nationals and stateless persons, in order to confirm or restore their legitimate rights and interests shall be regulated by the Law of Ukraine «On Citizen Inquiries», «On the National Archival Fund and Archival Institutions» and «On Information».

Deadline of inquiries execution is installed in accordance with applicable normative and legal acts:

MPs’ inquiries shall be executed no later than 15 days of the date of their receipt or other period prescribed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine;

inquiries of MPs of Ukraine or deputies of the local council shall be executed within 10 days of the date of their receipt;

authorization letters and inquiry letters of legal and natural persons  shall be executed within 30 days.

Deadline of above inquiries shall be calculated from the moment of their receipt and registration in the URIAARK.

Internet Reception

Schedule of personal reception of citizens
by Administration of the URIAARK

Surname, name and patronymic name Position Reception days Reception hours
HARANIN Oleksandr Yakovych Director Monday

Last Friday of the month

KHRYSTOVA Natalia Mykolaivna Deputy Director Tuesday

Last Wednesday of the month


Procedure for Considering Citizen Complaints by the Ukrainian Research Institute of Archival Affairs and Records Keeping

Complaint – detection of dissatisfaction of acts of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Archival Affairs and Records Keeping (further – the URIAARK) in writing.

Complaint on acts of the URIAARK is addressed to the Director of the URIAARK.

1. Decisions, actions (inaction), which may be appealed.

1.1. Decisions, actions (inaction) that may be appealed include the following, which result in:

violation of rights and legitimate interests or freedoms of citizens (citizen groups);

obstructing execution of citizen’s rights and freedoms or legitimate interests;

illegally placed on the citizen duties or his illegal bringing to account.

2. Registration of complaints.

2.1. Registration of complaints is carried out in accordance with then requirements.

2.2. Registrations are subject to all complaints received by the URIAARK, except complaints for which it is impossible to establish authorship (such complaints are recognized anonymous and not subject to consideration).

3. Deadline for submission of complaints.

3.1. Complaint against the decision, which has already been appealed, may be submitted to the URIAARK within one year after it was reached, but no later than one month from the time citizens have familiarized themselves with the decision taken.

3.2. Complaints filed with the violation of the deadline will not be considered.

3.3. Missed with valid reason deadline may be renewed by the Director of the URIAARK.

4. Consideration of complaints.

4.1. Complaints are submitted to the Director of the URIAARK, or the person who replaces him, for inspection and to assign the responsible for handling complaints.

4.2. Complaints of Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of Socialist Work, and the disabled of the Great Patriotic War are personally considered by the Director of the URIAARK.

4.3. The Director of the URIAARK when necessary forms the Commissions of employees of the URIAARK for complaint consideration (further – the Commission).

4.4. A person responsible for considering the complaint or the Commission for the complaint consideration acquaints with the materials of the complaint, verifies facts in the complaint, collects additional material on the issues raised in the complaint (if necessary), listens to the opinions and explanations of the parties.

4.5. After getting acquainted with all the material collected on the complaint, a person responsible for handling the complaint or the Commission shall prepare a draft reply to the complainant on the issues raised in the complaint.

4.6. The draft reply is submitted to the Director of the URIAARK, or a person who replaces him, for the final decision.

5. Citizen’s rights when considering complaints.

5.1. A citizen who appealed with the complaint to the URIAARK is entitled to:

personally present arguments to the person, who verified the complaint, and participate in verifying the complaint;

acquaint with the material of verification;

submit additional materials or insist on making their request;

be present during consideration of the complaint;

receive a written reply on the results of the appeal;

express in writing or orally requirement for secrecy of considering the complaint;

claim damages if they are the result of violations of established procedures for considering inquiries.

To the complaint are attached available to the citizen decisions or copies of decisions taken by his complaint before, and other documents relevant to the complaint that after their consideration are returned to the citizen.

6. Duties of the URIAARK on complaints.

6.1. The URIAARK within its powers shall:

objectively, comprehensively and promptly examine complaints;

upon request of a citizen invite him for an interview to the URIAARK to consider his complaint;

revoke or modify the appealed decisions in cases provided by legislation of Ukraine, if they do not comply with the Law or other regulations, immediately take steps to stop illegal actions, identify, eliminate the causes and conditions that led to violation;

provide redress of violated rights, actual execution taken in connection with the complaint decisions;

inform a citizen in writing about results of the examination of the complaint and the substance of the decision;

take measures to redress material damage in accordance with the Law, if it was caused by infringement of his rights or legitimate interests, solve the issue of liability of persons guilty of violation;

in case the complain was found unreasonable, explain procedure for appealing on the complaint decision;

avoid undue transfer of complaints to other bodies.

7. Notification to an applicant of the results of processing complaints.

7.1. A written reply is sent to the applicant within three working days from the date of decision on the complaint.

7.2. The reply shall contain links to the normative acts.

8. Term for considering the complaint.

8.1. Complaints are dealt with and solved within one month from the date of receipt.

8.2. If issues raised in the complaint can not be resolved within a month, the Director of the URIAARK or a person, who replaces him, establish the necessary time for its consideration, about what they inform the applicant. In this case the entire term to resolve the issues raised in the complaint may not exceed forty-five days.

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