В період з 20 по 24 серпня 2012 року в м. Брісбен (Австралія) відбувся

XVII Міжнародний конгрес архівів Міжнародної Ради Архівів (МРА)

(Матеріал підготовлено за даними сайту ВНДІДАС та сайту конгресу)

Під час роботи конгресу відбулися засідання робочих органів Міжнародної Ради Архівів. У роботі конгресу взяли участь більш як 1000 представників із 95 країн світу, в тому числі делегація українських архівістів. Під час заходів конгресу були оголошені доповіді архівістів із 35 країн світу. Австралійські колеги представили на конгресі більше третини усіх доповідей та повідомлень. На другому місці за чисельністю доповідачів – архівісти Франції (20), потім йдуть представники Великобританії (14), Канади (12), Нової Зеландії (11), США (10), Японії (9), Німеччини (6) та Голандії (5). Доповіді, в основному, були присвячені питанням управління електронними документами та архівами, функціонуванню «електронного урядування», а також застосуванню технологій паперового та електронного документообігу.

Доповіді та повідомлення на конгресі (англійською мовою):

Aas Kuldar - Towards seamless integration of Digital Archives with source systems (Part 1)

Alefaio Opeta - Recordkeeping for Good Governance in the Pacific: The PARBICA toolkit

Alquier Eleonore - Everything comes in three : the relocation and redeployment project for the National Archives of France from two to three centres (Fontainebleau, Paris, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine)

An Xiaomi - Meta-synthetic strategies to digital recordkeeping: International trends and future directions

Anderson Karen - Virtual experiments in collaborative archival education: constructing a digital laboratory for digital learning

Arnold Kerstin - From institutional online presentations to an international research and publication platform: a European experience

Auzel Jean-Baptiste - The French Archives and the commemoration of World War I

Avery Cheryl - Finding yourself in the archives: are we reflecting, reinforcing, subverting, or ignoring unique communities?

Barteleit Sebastian - Building archives for the future

Bechard Lorene - Accreditation and Quality in relation to Electronic Records Management Systems - a French experience

Becker Irmgard Christa - A climate of change in the education of German archivists?

Bell Alan - Communities, engagement and risk: developing sustainable recordkeeping services in a changing world

Berendse Martin - International Copyright Issues: why they matter to archivists and what ICA has been doing on our behalf

Bertini Maria Barbara - The Archival hubs

Bianchi Cristina - Summary of International Archival Practice as adapted to the local level

Bonandrini Bruno - The new building of the National Archives France

Bonandrini Bruno - The National Archives Conservation Building at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine and its Air Treatment System

Bondue Didier - Business Archives - Sustainability, Trust and Identify

Carden Michael - Digital Archiving at the National Archives of Australia: Putting Principles into Practice

Crockett Margaret - ICA training policy

Crook Edgar - Sports archives and collections in Australia

Cumming Kate - Can archives survive in a climate of change? Adapting to the modern recordkeeping crisis: Australian perspectives

Cunningham Adrian - Peter J.Scott and the Australian 'series' system: its origins, features, rationale, impact and continuing relevance

Dan Kathryn - For the long term - incorporating a sustainable continuous improvement program into organisational recordkeeping

Deserno Ineke - Recordkeeping: The Evidence Base For Corporate Social Responsibility?

Duranti Luciana - Professional sustainability: ICA resources for education

Duranti Luciana - Archival legislation for engendering trust in an increasingly networked digital environment

Eiring Larry - The impact of digital natives and social media on the management of information and the future of global society

Ellis Judith - An international standards framework for managing records for as long as required for organisational, social and cultural purposes (French version presented by Charlotte Maday)

Engineer Amanda - Pre-custodial approaches in planning for the sustainability of private papers

Eveleigh Alexandra - Welcoming the world: an exploration of participatory archives

Eveleigh Alexandra - Crowdsourcing: prone to error?

Fang Ming - Re-shaping the Identity and Competency of Archivists In a Climate of Change

Faulkhead Shannon - Monash Country Lines Archive: Archiving Indigenous Knowledges

Feng Huiling - The value of archives in modern identity

Fenoglio Norm - a Projet: 'Evaluation des archives en Amerique Latine'

Findlay Cassie - People, records and power: What archives can learn from WikiLeaks

Fleming Alison - What's in it for me? Taking a benefit realisation approach to developing a government digital archive in New Zealand

Flinn Andrew - Surfing the winds of change - Sustaining independent archives: delivering participatory approaches to archival heritage

Foley Gerard - Eating the Archives: sharing archival stories in a digital age

Fonseca Vitor - Revising the 4 ICA descriptive standards: toward a conceptual model for archival description

Fuentes Hashimoto Lourdes - Adapting standards to practice: developing a functional requirements matrix for electronic records management systems

Garaba Francis - Availing the liberation struggle heritage to the public: some reflections on the use of Web 2.0 technologies in archives within the East and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (ESARBICA)

Gausdal Ole - 22 July 2011 Terror Attacks - the role of the National Archives of Norway in the process of healing and reconciliation

Geber Magnus - Transfers and preservation of e-archives at the National Archives of Sweden

Gherdevich Sonia - Curatorship and Stewardship: a match made in audiovisual archiving heaven

Grippon Alice - How to improve the image of the profession

Guichard-Spica Helene - Digital recordkeeping and Records management at the National Archives of France

Harper Patti - Speak up and stand out: the archival narrative and change via social media

Hassan Damien - A tale of two cities: working together to create new software tools for appraisal

Heo Misook - Documenting Locality in a Digital Environment: Experiments and Tasks

Hirano Kenichiro - Digital archives for historical research and international understanding

Hofman Hans  - Rethinking the archival function in the digital era

Horner Josephine - Recordkeeping and Natural Disasters - the Queensland Floods and the Canterbury Earthquake: a comparison

Hoyle Michael  - United Nations Transitions in Africa

Hunter Jane - A Web 3.0 approach to building an online digital archive of architectural practice in post-war Queensland

Hupaniittu Outi - Towards the new era of archival description

Hutar Jan  - Assessing Digital Preservation Strategies

Iacovino Livia - Reshaping identity and memory: balancing competing human rights in the participatory archive

Jackson Melissa - Talking Back: making original language source material accessible

Jensen Bente - Archives as partners in identity shaping processes through user involvement and dialogues - seen from a Scandinavian point of view

Karlsons Gatis - Appraisal and Management of Student Records

Kazama Yoshiyuki - Digital archive at the National Archives of Japan

Koike Seiichi - University archives in Japan: an experience of the Hiroshima University Archives

Kosir Matevz  - Sensitive Archives

Kretzschmar Robert - Archival processing of born digital material and digitization of archival documents in Germany: the example of the State Archives of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Laperdrix Marie - Digital recordkeeping and Records management at the National Archives of France

Lee Changyoung - Real-time monitoring technology of preservation environment for archives

Lee Christopher - Archival application of digital forensics methods for authenticity, description and access provision

Lehane Richard - Access to online archival catalogues via web APIs

Leitch David - International Comparisons

Lemic Vlatka - Building of integrated national archival network in Croatia: connecting administration, archives and public in practice

Lemieux Victoria - Envisioning a Sustainable Future for Archives:A Role for Visual Analytics?

Lemoine Herve - Une nouvelle organisation pour les services publics d'archives en France (A new organisation for the French Archives)

Loebenstein Michael - Audiovisual archiving in the transitional period

Ma Linqing, Xie Sherry, Liu Yuenan - National strategy for digital records: the stories of Canada and China

MacDonald Ingrid - Recordkeeping challenges in managing administrative change

MacKenzie George - Impact of the Shaw Report on public record-keeping

Magnien Agnes - 'Re-founding' the French National Archives

Magnien Agnes - Transferring France's National Archives: a transformation in progress

Maher William - New Roads to Creation and Relevance of Archives In a Changing World

Martella Christine - In defence of the 'archival' online publication of standardized search tools

Martinez Christine - Recordkeeping for Good Governance in the Pacific: The PARBICA toolkit

Maurel Dominique - Towards Negotiated Governance of Digital Archive Documents

McCarthy Gavan - Towards an Archival Commons Licence: Managing access to the private domain in the digital universe.

McCausland Sigrid - Archives and community: Progress towards a digital world

McEwen Colleen - The Universal Declaration on Archives: Development and use

McNulty Alison - Reviewing and redesigning the transfer program for digital and physical records at the Public Record Office Victoria

Meynell-James Cathy - Doing business with government departments - how archives can establish trust and build relationships

Mohd Nordin Nordiana - Strategic records and risk management for the sustainability of organisations

Moir Kerry - The digital imperative:catching up and staying ahead of the digital revolution

Morgan Helen - Standing the test of time: building better resilience into online archival descriptive networks

Morley Oliver  - The National Archives’ digital strategy – the Olympics and beyond

Moufflet Jean-Francois - Digitized archives online and tools for Internauts in France: innovative experiments to strengthen the links between readers and archivists

Nagasaka Toshinari  - Government-private joint project on a digital archive to record great east Japan earthquake

Naumov Oleg - Russian archives in the virtual space: present and future

Newman Joanna - Sustaining Community Archives: where practice meets theory

Ngoepe Mpho - Trends, patterns, challenges and type of archival research in sub-Saharan Africa: an informetrics analysis, 1981-2010

Nhatsave Fabiao - The Impact of Public Sector Reform in the Documents and State Archives Management in Mozambique

Nisbet Miriam - Openness: Are We There Yet (and How Will We Know)?

Ohnesorge Krystyna - Simple Access to Official Documents in the Swiss Federal Administration

Okamoto Shinichi - Public records and archives management act and challenges after its enforcement

O'Kane Trish - High value public sector information: A model to prioritise sustainability programmes

Olsen Kare - Norwegian war children's work for justice: the role of the archives

O'Neill Cate - Accessing the records of the Forgotten Australians: learning from the human rights context to improve archival practices and restorative justice

Pitti Daniel - Social networks and archival context: findings and future research

Prowse Janet - Open Government, right to information and recordkeeping: interdependencies and interconnections

Pymm Robert - Education for the profession: convergence or divergence in the digital world

Roberto Claude - Francophone identity in the Franco-Albertan minority community (Canada)

Roberto Claude - Universal Declaration on Archives in Canada: Challenges, sustainability and trust

Robinson Leith - Climate control via professional identity convergence

Rosjo Ellen - Majority and minority perspective in archives selection and preservation

Rouge-Ducos Isabelle - Circulation, restitutions et acquisition d’archives : avantages et limites des lois europeennes et francaises

Rowell Hilary - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: records and identity

Rykov Alexey - Non-governmental archives in Russia: between future and past

Saie-Belaisch - France Archives buildings are changing: sustainable development and evolutions

Sambono Sophia - Cultural Connections: heritage, communities and the audiovisual experience.

Sasaki Kazuko - Cooperation and Recovery after the March11th East Japan Earthquake

Sassoon Joanna - Evidence, memory and justice. Archival responses to recent Australian reports about the treatment of children in care

Schabbing Cornelis - New instruments to supervise records management and (digital) archives

Schefbeck Gunther - The Recent Challenge in Web Archiving: Archiving the Social Web

Scott Kim - 'Yes, We Have Books'; The Archival Assumption of Library Management

Seed Arleen - eArchives:the memory of the World Bank Project

Semlic Zdenka - Creating headings: the change toward effective, organised and accessible information

Sharpe Robert - Towards seamless integration of Digital Archives with source systems (Part 2)

Shirai Tetsuya - Efforts of Japanese local governments to develop record management system and public archives

Sibille Claire - Implementation of EAC-CPF (Encoded Archival Context - Corporate bodies, Persons, Families) in France: toward the development of national authority files

Sibille Claire - ICA-AtoM, a software for implementing ICA descriptive standards

Silipa Amela - German-Samoa Digitization Project

Siller Joy - Business information management and organisational culture: Why do some “get it” and others don’t?

Sobczak Anna - The climate of changes in educating archivists - Electronic Document Laboratory

Somes Brendan - Audiovisual preservation at the National Archives of Australia

Stepniak Wladyslaw - Can an archive and archivists contribute to creating and sustaining the sense of local, regional or national identity?

Stevenson Jane - Linking Data - Linking Lives: the creation and display of Linked Open Data for Archives

Szlejcher Anna - Interdependence between Human Rights, Research on Historical Memory and Archives in Argentina

Taffin Dominique - Martinique's experience - post colonial institutional change

Takano Akihiko - From search to association: how to bridge the isolated silos of knowledge

Takayama Masaya - From devastation to the discovery of hope for tomorrow: efforts towards recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Thorpe Kirsten - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research data archives: creating, preserving and connecting data in the digital domain

Thurston Anne - Aligning Records Management with e-Government and Freedom of Information in East Africa

Tikao Ariana - Titiro ki Muri: surfacing Maori identity in archival collections

Toa Vaveao - Recordkeeping taskforce in Samoa

Turner Margaret - A translation policy for ICA

Uhde Karsten - Career choices for archivists and information managers: Lessons learned from graduate experiences

Upward Frank - A single mind for recordkeeping informatics

Utomo Djoko - Arsip as national identity, the case of Indonesia

Walker Helen - Recordkeeping for Good Governance in the Pacific :The PARBICA toolkit

Wang Lei - Approaching Archival Photographic Collections with Content-based Image Retrieval Technology

Weterings Jorien - Changing theory into practice: playing the Metadata Game

Whitelaw Mitchell - Towards Generous Interfaces for Archival Collections

Williams Hywel - Building a digital archive - integrating theory and implementation

Zuber Henri - Company archives and corporate identity in France