В период с 20 по 24 августа 2012 года в г. Брисбен (Австралия) состоялся

XVII Международный конгресс архивов Международного Совета Архивов (МСА)

(Материал подготовлен по данным сайта ВНИИДАД и сайта конгресса)

В рамках работы конгресса прошли заседания рабочих органов Международного Совета Архивов. В работе конгресса приняли участие свыше 1000 представителей из 95 стран, в том числе делегация украинских архивистов. В ходе мероприятий конгресса были заслушаны доклады архивистов из 35 стран мира. Австралийские коллеги представили на конгрессе более трети всех докладов и выступлений. На втором месте по числу докладчиков – архивисты Франции (20), далее идут представители Великобритании (14), Канады (12), Новой Зеландии (11), США (10), Японии (9), Германии (6) и Голландии (5). Доклады, в основном, были посвящены вопросам управления электронными документами и архивами, функционированию «электронного правительства», а также применению технологий бумажного и электронного документооборота.

Доклады и выступления на конгрессе (на английском языке):

Aas Kuldar - Towards seamless integration of Digital Archives with source systems (Part 1)

Alefaio Opeta - Recordkeeping for Good Governance in the Pacific: The PARBICA toolkit

Alquier Eleonore - Everything comes in three : the relocation and redeployment project for the National Archives of France from two to three centres (Fontainebleau, Paris, Pierrefitte-sur-Seine)

An Xiaomi - Meta-synthetic strategies to digital recordkeeping: International trends and future directions

Anderson Karen - Virtual experiments in collaborative archival education: constructing a digital laboratory for digital learning

Arnold Kerstin - From institutional online presentations to an international research and publication platform: a European experience

Auzel Jean-Baptiste - The French Archives and the commemoration of World War I

Avery Cheryl - Finding yourself in the archives: are we reflecting, reinforcing, subverting, or ignoring unique communities?

Barteleit Sebastian - Building archives for the future

Bechard Lorene - Accreditation and Quality in relation to Electronic Records Management Systems - a French experience

Becker Irmgard Christa - A climate of change in the education of German archivists?

Bell Alan - Communities, engagement and risk: developing sustainable recordkeeping services in a changing world

Berendse Martin - International Copyright Issues: why they matter to archivists and what ICA has been doing on our behalf

Bertini Maria Barbara - The Archival hubs

Bianchi Cristina - Summary of International Archival Practice as adapted to the local level

Bonandrini Bruno - The new building of the National Archives France

Bonandrini Bruno - The National Archives Conservation Building at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine and its Air Treatment System

Bondue Didier - Business Archives - Sustainability, Trust and Identify

Carden Michael - Digital Archiving at the National Archives of Australia: Putting Principles into Practice

Crockett Margaret - ICA training policy

Crook Edgar - Sports archives and collections in Australia

Cumming Kate - Can archives survive in a climate of change? Adapting to the modern recordkeeping crisis: Australian perspectives

Cunningham Adrian - Peter J.Scott and the Australian 'series' system: its origins, features, rationale, impact and continuing relevance

Dan Kathryn - For the long term - incorporating a sustainable continuous improvement program into organisational recordkeeping

Deserno Ineke - Recordkeeping: The Evidence Base For Corporate Social Responsibility?

Duranti Luciana - Professional sustainability: ICA resources for education

Duranti Luciana - Archival legislation for engendering trust in an increasingly networked digital environment

Eiring Larry - The impact of digital natives and social media on the management of information and the future of global society

Ellis Judith - An international standards framework for managing records for as long as required for organisational, social and cultural purposes (French version presented by Charlotte Maday)

Engineer Amanda - Pre-custodial approaches in planning for the sustainability of private papers

Eveleigh Alexandra - Welcoming the world: an exploration of participatory archives

Eveleigh Alexandra - Crowdsourcing: prone to error?

Fang Ming - Re-shaping the Identity and Competency of Archivists In a Climate of Change

Faulkhead Shannon - Monash Country Lines Archive: Archiving Indigenous Knowledges

Feng Huiling - The value of archives in modern identity

Fenoglio Norm - a Projet: 'Evaluation des archives en Amerique Latine'

Findlay Cassie - People, records and power: What archives can learn from WikiLeaks

Fleming Alison - What's in it for me? Taking a benefit realisation approach to developing a government digital archive in New Zealand

Flinn Andrew - Surfing the winds of change - Sustaining independent archives: delivering participatory approaches to archival heritage

Foley Gerard - Eating the Archives: sharing archival stories in a digital age

Fonseca Vitor - Revising the 4 ICA descriptive standards: toward a conceptual model for archival description

Fuentes Hashimoto Lourdes - Adapting standards to practice: developing a functional requirements matrix for electronic records management systems

Garaba Francis - Availing the liberation struggle heritage to the public: some reflections on the use of Web 2.0 technologies in archives within the East and Southern Africa Regional Branch of the International Council on Archives (ESARBICA)

Gausdal Ole - 22 July 2011 Terror Attacks - the role of the National Archives of Norway in the process of healing and reconciliation

Geber Magnus - Transfers and preservation of e-archives at the National Archives of Sweden

Gherdevich Sonia - Curatorship and Stewardship: a match made in audiovisual archiving heaven

Grippon Alice - How to improve the image of the profession

Guichard-Spica Helene - Digital recordkeeping and Records management at the National Archives of France

Harper Patti - Speak up and stand out: the archival narrative and change via social media

Hassan Damien - A tale of two cities: working together to create new software tools for appraisal

Heo Misook - Documenting Locality in a Digital Environment: Experiments and Tasks

Hirano Kenichiro - Digital archives for historical research and international understanding

Hofman Hans  - Rethinking the archival function in the digital era

Horner Josephine - Recordkeeping and Natural Disasters - the Queensland Floods and the Canterbury Earthquake: a comparison

Hoyle Michael  - United Nations Transitions in Africa

Hunter Jane - A Web 3.0 approach to building an online digital archive of architectural practice in post-war Queensland

Hupaniittu Outi - Towards the new era of archival description

Hutar Jan  - Assessing Digital Preservation Strategies

Iacovino Livia - Reshaping identity and memory: balancing competing human rights in the participatory archive

Jackson Melissa - Talking Back: making original language source material accessible

Jensen Bente - Archives as partners in identity shaping processes through user involvement and dialogues - seen from a Scandinavian point of view

Karlsons Gatis - Appraisal and Management of Student Records

Kazama Yoshiyuki - Digital archive at the National Archives of Japan

Koike Seiichi - University archives in Japan: an experience of the Hiroshima University Archives

Kosir Matevz  - Sensitive Archives

Kretzschmar Robert - Archival processing of born digital material and digitization of archival documents in Germany: the example of the State Archives of Baden-Wuerttemberg

Laperdrix Marie - Digital recordkeeping and Records management at the National Archives of France

Lee Changyoung - Real-time monitoring technology of preservation environment for archives

Lee Christopher - Archival application of digital forensics methods for authenticity, description and access provision

Lehane Richard - Access to online archival catalogues via web APIs

Leitch David - International Comparisons

Lemic Vlatka - Building of integrated national archival network in Croatia: connecting administration, archives and public in practice

Lemieux Victoria - Envisioning a Sustainable Future for Archives:A Role for Visual Analytics?

Lemoine Herve - Une nouvelle organisation pour les services publics d'archives en France (A new organisation for the French Archives)

Loebenstein Michael - Audiovisual archiving in the transitional period

Ma Linqing, Xie Sherry, Liu Yuenan - National strategy for digital records: the stories of Canada and China

MacDonald Ingrid - Recordkeeping challenges in managing administrative change

MacKenzie George - Impact of the Shaw Report on public record-keeping

Magnien Agnes - 'Re-founding' the French National Archives

Magnien Agnes - Transferring France's National Archives: a transformation in progress

Maher William - New Roads to Creation and Relevance of Archives In a Changing World

Martella Christine - In defence of the 'archival' online publication of standardized search tools

Martinez Christine - Recordkeeping for Good Governance in the Pacific: The PARBICA toolkit

Maurel Dominique - Towards Negotiated Governance of Digital Archive Documents

McCarthy Gavan - Towards an Archival Commons Licence: Managing access to the private domain in the digital universe.

McCausland Sigrid - Archives and community: Progress towards a digital world

McEwen Colleen - The Universal Declaration on Archives: Development and use

McNulty Alison - Reviewing and redesigning the transfer program for digital and physical records at the Public Record Office Victoria

Meynell-James Cathy - Doing business with government departments - how archives can establish trust and build relationships

Mohd Nordin Nordiana - Strategic records and risk management for the sustainability of organisations

Moir Kerry - The digital imperative:catching up and staying ahead of the digital revolution

Morgan Helen - Standing the test of time: building better resilience into online archival descriptive networks

Morley Oliver  - The National Archives’ digital strategy – the Olympics and beyond

Moufflet Jean-Francois - Digitized archives online and tools for Internauts in France: innovative experiments to strengthen the links between readers and archivists

Nagasaka Toshinari  - Government-private joint project on a digital archive to record great east Japan earthquake

Naumov Oleg - Russian archives in the virtual space: present and future

Newman Joanna - Sustaining Community Archives: where practice meets theory

Ngoepe Mpho - Trends, patterns, challenges and type of archival research in sub-Saharan Africa: an informetrics analysis, 1981-2010

Nhatsave Fabiao - The Impact of Public Sector Reform in the Documents and State Archives Management in Mozambique

Nisbet Miriam - Openness: Are We There Yet (and How Will We Know)?

Ohnesorge Krystyna - Simple Access to Official Documents in the Swiss Federal Administration

Okamoto Shinichi - Public records and archives management act and challenges after its enforcement

O'Kane Trish - High value public sector information: A model to prioritise sustainability programmes

Olsen Kare - Norwegian war children's work for justice: the role of the archives

O'Neill Cate - Accessing the records of the Forgotten Australians: learning from the human rights context to improve archival practices and restorative justice

Pitti Daniel - Social networks and archival context: findings and future research

Prowse Janet - Open Government, right to information and recordkeeping: interdependencies and interconnections

Pymm Robert - Education for the profession: convergence or divergence in the digital world

Roberto Claude - Francophone identity in the Franco-Albertan minority community (Canada)

Roberto Claude - Universal Declaration on Archives in Canada: Challenges, sustainability and trust

Robinson Leith - Climate control via professional identity convergence

Rosjo Ellen - Majority and minority perspective in archives selection and preservation

Rouge-Ducos Isabelle - Circulation, restitutions et acquisition d’archives : avantages et limites des lois europeennes et francaises

Rowell Hilary - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: records and identity

Rykov Alexey - Non-governmental archives in Russia: between future and past

Saie-Belaisch - France Archives buildings are changing: sustainable development and evolutions

Sambono Sophia - Cultural Connections: heritage, communities and the audiovisual experience.

Sasaki Kazuko - Cooperation and Recovery after the March11th East Japan Earthquake

Sassoon Joanna - Evidence, memory and justice. Archival responses to recent Australian reports about the treatment of children in care

Schabbing Cornelis - New instruments to supervise records management and (digital) archives

Schefbeck Gunther - The Recent Challenge in Web Archiving: Archiving the Social Web

Scott Kim - 'Yes, We Have Books'; The Archival Assumption of Library Management

Seed Arleen - eArchives:the memory of the World Bank Project

Semlic Zdenka - Creating headings: the change toward effective, organised and accessible information

Sharpe Robert - Towards seamless integration of Digital Archives with source systems (Part 2)

Shirai Tetsuya - Efforts of Japanese local governments to develop record management system and public archives

Sibille Claire - Implementation of EAC-CPF (Encoded Archival Context - Corporate bodies, Persons, Families) in France: toward the development of national authority files

Sibille Claire - ICA-AtoM, a software for implementing ICA descriptive standards

Silipa Amela - German-Samoa Digitization Project

Siller Joy - Business information management and organisational culture: Why do some “get it” and others don’t?

Sobczak Anna - The climate of changes in educating archivists - Electronic Document Laboratory

Somes Brendan - Audiovisual preservation at the National Archives of Australia

Stepniak Wladyslaw - Can an archive and archivists contribute to creating and sustaining the sense of local, regional or national identity?

Stevenson Jane - Linking Data - Linking Lives: the creation and display of Linked Open Data for Archives

Szlejcher Anna - Interdependence between Human Rights, Research on Historical Memory and Archives in Argentina

Taffin Dominique - Martinique's experience - post colonial institutional change

Takano Akihiko - From search to association: how to bridge the isolated silos of knowledge

Takayama Masaya - From devastation to the discovery of hope for tomorrow: efforts towards recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Thorpe Kirsten - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander research data archives: creating, preserving and connecting data in the digital domain

Thurston Anne - Aligning Records Management with e-Government and Freedom of Information in East Africa

Tikao Ariana - Titiro ki Muri: surfacing Maori identity in archival collections

Toa Vaveao - Recordkeeping taskforce in Samoa

Turner Margaret - A translation policy for ICA

Uhde Karsten - Career choices for archivists and information managers: Lessons learned from graduate experiences

Upward Frank - A single mind for recordkeeping informatics

Utomo Djoko - Arsip as national identity, the case of Indonesia

Walker Helen - Recordkeeping for Good Governance in the Pacific :The PARBICA toolkit

Wang Lei - Approaching Archival Photographic Collections with Content-based Image Retrieval Technology

Weterings Jorien - Changing theory into practice: playing the Metadata Game

Whitelaw Mitchell - Towards Generous Interfaces for Archival Collections

Williams Hywel - Building a digital archive - integrating theory and implementation

Zuber Henri - Company archives and corporate identity in France